• 1) Clash For Speed- Xtreme Combat Car Racing Game

    This is one of the best 3D car racing games. The vehicles are packed with nitrous power, which lets you outpace your rivals on ferocious inter-planetary racecourses. This game is not restricted to just a few race tracks, which makes it the most desired among all. It has a custom track builder, which lets you have unlimited race tracks to impress your opponents in style. It allows you to pick from 20 upgradable tires and ten original car stickers. You keep winning races, which lets you collect all the bounty to explore the unlocked levels.
    Clash For Speed

  • 2) Asphalt 8: Airborne

    This gaming title comes with robust cars that perform high-speed and dynamic aerial stunts. It gives you an intense driving experience backed up by a brand-new physics engine! This does not abide by gravity, and you can freely break free from gravity and take a drive into the sky with features such as barrel rolls and 3600 jumps. It furnishes you with a variety of options to select and drive the best cars and bikes and set the record-breaking scores. Try it now to enter into a gravity-free world with the link provided
    Asphalt 8

  • 3) GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp

    This is the best free racing game for android devices. It is one of the best rated by the users due to the high-end technological cars found here. The users can experience the action from a wide range of angles. This is one of those games where playing never gets monotonous as twenty-eight new challenges are added each week to improve your driving skills & unlock new features with every win. Many users are of the view that there are no other games that could offer you better realistic racing simulation than GTR2
    GT Racing 2

  • 4) CSR Racing 2

    This lets you customize your cars as per your desires with a wide range of rims, brake calipers, paint, and interior trims, just as you would in real life, with a world-class car configurator. The 3D features and high-definition graphics make it so realistic that you get completely engrossed in it. CSR Racing two and brings the hyper-real drag racing into account. It is free and sets a high standard providing you the best of hyper-real drag racing games.
    CSR Racing 2

  • 5) Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

    This is the best free racing game that keeps you hooked with its approximately 300 career events and has over 1100 mystery challenges. If you get bored quickly, then you can unleash your style with the most amazing cars ever made. There are no set rules as all you need here is your instincts, real skill, and a fearless desire for speed, and all your knowledge related to driving doesn't come to any use. It offers a variety of vehicles to ride. Since it is a freemium game, it can regulate your prospects accordingly.
    Asphalt Xtreme

  • 6) Absolute Drift

    You can drive and customize up to 6 drift cars. It offers a realistic feeling and comes with control mechanisms that are easy to use and regulate smoothness. It has three Game Modes, namely Drifting, Mountain Drifting, and Driftkhana, with thirty-four different levels. You can roam freely in areas from airports and docks to a floating metropolis, each having unique levels and themes. It also has local Replays and Ghost Cars. This extraordinary offline racing game offers an enjoyable experience to the players at a pocket-friendly amount.
    Absolute Drift

  • 7) Asphalt Nitro

    This game is packed with all the adrenaline-pumping velocity that you love. This game lets you challenge the competitors in eight different levels at the most exciting and dangerous locations. It also has the police chase mode, which is an added factor making it loved by one and all. With this game, you can race across some of the gorgeous spots on Earth, each renewed with amazing graphics. You can explore from Brazil to China and many more such places. Explore lots of hidden shortcuts to make yourself a winner among your opponents.
    Asphalt Nitro

  • 8) Drag Racing

    This game lets you combine all the customization options to make your car livery design. There is a competitive multiplayer mode in the game where you can choose among thousands of licensed cars for unlocking. It is one of the best ones among the android games, which has existed for a significant period. Go deeper and adjust gear ratios to save precious milliseconds through 10 levels of cars and race categories.
    Drag Racing

  • 9) Racing Fever

    You can enjoy the 3D graphics with realistically created environments and amazingly detailed cars. It also hosts playing in the slow-motion mode for a few moments to help you understand it in great detail. You can upgrade your car and make it better, faster, more durable, and prettier by customizing it with different paints, rims, and types of vinyl. Explore different themes by taking a ride in a village, desert, and city. The only way you can survive is by riding in the car in the middle of the road.
    Racing Fever

  • 10) Hill Climb Racing 2

    This is one of those who have the most simple controls, colorful graphics and is user-friendly, which makes it the best offline racing game for android. You can create cool characters and Cars according to your imagination. It makes you race up and down the hills against many other opponents. Hill Climb Racing 2 is available for free, but there are optional in-app purchases for you.
    Hill Climb Racing 2