• 1. NOVA

    N.O.V.A. is a shooting game where players are given various targets to shoot at. Its an off shoot of the popular Counter Strike franchisee. The latest version of the game called N.O.V.A Legacy is an excellent new edition improving the already popular game by adding enhanced graphics more interesting goals and targets. This version of the game continues the N.O.V.A. series further and if you are a player already playing the series or a newbie you will surely enjoy this game. The player plays as N.O.V.A. veteran Kal Wardin whose mission is to defeat the corrupt and devil administrative forces. The new addition to this version of the game is the “Death Match” mode and the “Death cam” option or the third person view. Inspite of being fully feature loaded with numerous options the small size of the game is an added bonus for everyone.

  • 2. Cover Fire

    Cover Fire is another shooter game available offline. It has a much larger variety of characters and weapons to choose from. The game graphics are excellent. There is a War mode in the game which allows the user control of various different characters with special abilities. The different characters make the game even more interesting and challenging. The player in this game controls an entire team and has to strategies to win a victory over the evil organization you have to fight. The size of the game at 350+ Mb can be a little bulky especially if you have a smaller storage. The graphics and the game play make the size of the game worth it. The 10 million downloads of this game certainly tells its own story.
    Cover Fire

  • 3. Mad Bullets

    Mad Bullets is a weird game and has a completely novel approach to war and shooting game. It’s fun, quick and easy action. It has amazingly creative content and idiosyncratic characters. The characters are varied and mixed and make the game play more interesting and vivid. They can be ninjas or cowboys or tribals or ballet dancers, you have to defeat them all. There is no detailed strategizing or complex puzzles. It Is a straight forward swift and speedy game. The only downside to this game are the higher number of advertisements that crop up at each and every point and disturb the users.
    Mad Bullets

  • 4. Lone Wolf

    Just opposite Mad Bullets, in Lone Wolf we have a very deep out of the box sniper game with a great and engaging storyline. It has intriguing graphics and an arsenal of attention-grabbing weapons at your disposal. This game too has more than 10 million downloads at the android play store but is very compact t a mere 66 MB. The game has the option for converting to premium by paying what you think is worth the game. The player in this game as the name suggests is a sole assassin who has a mysterious mission that has to be slowly uncovered by you as you move along the game. You work for the ‘Assembly’ a criminal organization and complete missions assigned to you. Please beware this game is not for the faith-hearted.
    Lone Wolf

  • 5. Kill Shot Bravo

    Kill Shot Bravo is another excellent army sniper game. The game is designed as a war game where you are engaged in covert missions deep inside the enemy territory with the aim to save the world and your country. Army enthusiast and nerds, this is the place you want to be. The game offers huge collections of deadly sniper weapons, machine guns, the latest military gear and much more. You will have Flying Drones, Exo-Suit Soldiers, Mechs, Bombers, Zombies Heavy gunners and much more coming at you. You will engage in guerrilla combat in jungles or mountain ranges to recon missions on islands. The entire world will be your battle ground and you will be the BOND a covert mission expert. At just over 100 mb the size of the game is also reasonable and will not put a strain on your phone’s storage capacity.
    Kill Shot Bravo

  • 6. Dead Effect 2

    Dead Effect 2 a sci-fi shooter game with a completely fresh approach to game making. If you have already played Dead Effect-1, you will be well aware of what an amazing and riveting game this indeed is. But version 2 of the game is much better in all aspects. The game has managed to create stunning graphics throughout the game, has astounding sound effects and story narration and realistic effects which together combine and create a marvelous playing experience for the user. The virtual persona in the game has the ability to adopt 100+ unique body implants and gear-sets. The levels are also just long enough to keep you completely glued to the game. so play this game only if you have time on your hands and are not in an hurry. We recommend that you should definitely try out Dead-Effect 2.
    Dead Effect 2

  • 7. Hitman: Sniper

    Agent 47 is a game of vengeance. This is a game to give shape to your fantasy of becoming a hitman. So check out how successful you are as a sniper and how many of the targets you are able to eliminate successfully. Do remember that it is a paid game, although the price is very nominal and nothing that will burn a hole in your pocket. It may though take up a huge space on your phone, being 537 mbs. It has been described as a sophisticated and suspenseful game. Precision and strategy are the key hallmarks here. The game is so unique that at times it is more rewarding to just sit back and watch the scenes unfold themselves. The game has more than 150 missions and 10 different contracts. You also get a variety of guns to use to complete your missions.
    Hitman: Sniper

  • 8. Overkill 3

    Overkill 3 is a brilliant cover based shooter game. The story is based in the future where the world is ruled by the evil forces that imposes their will on the others. You are one of the Resistance fighters and tasked with killing as many of the evil forces be it soldiers or the brutal machines as possible to lead your group to victory and overthrow the ruling forces. It is a great game to play both offline and online. In the online feature you and your friends can join forces and play as a unit to lead the score boards. There are lots of daily tournaments that keep the players engaged and interested. The game also has a new endless mode that allows the players to defend the ‘generator’ for as long as possible.
    Overkill 3

  • 9. Dead Trigger 2

    This is an amazing sequel to the popular zombie killing game, Dead Trigger. Set in an environment like the movie Zombie Apocalypse, the game is all about killing the maximum number of zombies possible in different ways. It is interesting and engaging and there is no need for detailed strategizing or aiming. What is required here is persistence and mass killing of the zombies coming to kill us. The weapons are available of different varieties to allow you to kill hoards of zombies at once. It is a fun game to play and there are many light enjoyable moments while you kill wave after wave of zombies. The game has great graphics, sound effects and storyline.
    Shadow Gun

  • 10. Shadow Gun

    Shadow game is another shooter game to have in your arsenal of game stock for the boring times we are stuck with nothing to do. But let me warn you in advance, the game is of 1 GB and needs a good phone to be able to accommodate the high quality graphics and functions without static. You are in the sci-fi world of Shadow gun Legends and humanity is under attack of the aliens. You have to save the humanity and shoot down the enemies. A variety of customizations are available in the game to keep your interest up. The game also allows users to experience the online multi player game play. We recommend that everyone must engage in this riveting game at least once.
    Shadow Gun

  • 11. Unkilled

    Unkilled is another zombie killing spree. It has good graphics and is interesting and engaging to play. Set in an apocalyptic world, where the zombies have invaded and you are the part of the elite team tasked with eliminating all the zombies. The game is set in the streets of New York City and offers a great variety of guns and ammunition to complete your task of eradicating the zombies completely. There are numerous varied missions and modes that keep you engaged in the game. Do engage yourself in this war between the dead and the dead. You also have the option of designing your own hero. So download the game and start killing.

  • 12. Battle of Bullet

    Battle of Bullet is a unique first person shooter action game. It is also a bulky game at 335 MB, but well worth it. The game has sensational graphics and a great game play. You have to lead the resistance and command the elite forces to fight the world war and kill all the undead enemies for survival. You have to through a brilliant battle plan and game play survive against all odds and master the enemy. The game offers a choice between employing sniper skills or other attack skills to demolish the opposition. We are sure; you will love this unique world war shooting game.
    Shadow Fight 2